Taking Care of your Piano by Alex

Alex tell us (from here )

Mind where to place it

A popular place to nest a piano (especially an upright piano) is somewhere against an outside wall or a window. However, mind you that your piano’s innards are made of steel which can corrode when exposed to dampness. Steer it clear from vases and plants. Liquid can also ruin the finish.

Keep it out of the weather

Aside from keeping it dry, be careful not to place it anywhere where it’s exposed to changes in temperature. Wood may also get warped in the cooling and heating process. Warping can greatly affect the sound quality of an instrument, especially a wooden one.

Humidity can also affect the piano. Exposure to constant humidity changes can cause the wood to crack and joints to come loose.

Have a piano technician do the repairs

If ever your piano gets minor damages or is simply out of tune, get i touch with a piano technician. During a routine visit, the piano technician doesn’t only tune the piano, he also checks the overall condition. Sometimes corrosion may have gotten the best of your pianos innards. The technician will definitely suggest appropriate repairs to get your piano back to pristine condition.


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