Orange Coast Piano History

Mission: The Mission of Orange Coast Piano is to provide exemplary restoration, refinishing, and brokerage services for pianos and antique musical instruments. The quality of these services is driven by our love for these historic treasures and a daily commitment to preserve them well into the future. The Orange Coast Piano family is here when you need us.

Vision: To continue to provide the highest level of service to Orange Coast Piano clientele by using modern technology to improve efficiency, leverage existing knowledge, and proactively seek out new techniques and products to enhance our restoration and refinishing ability of pianos and historic antique musical instruments.

History: Established in 1980 by: Prior to establishing our business we both worked for many years in the music industry as professional organists and pianists. With our introduction to the Web in 1995 and the creation of, a vast and new way to communicate our knowledge and expertise in this industry to a larger volume of people around the globe, as well as provide a positive contribution to our volume of instrument restorations and sales came to fruition.


Mr. Kim J. Bunker Mr. Thomas G. Sheen

One of our goals in starting Orange Coast Piano was to align our business efforts with individuals who shared the same values about the business as do we. Over the course of twenty five years Tom and I have personally trained and worked with some of the greatest player and piano technicians in country. Here are a few of them with their backgrounds and photograph's

Jeffrey Brian

Mr. Jeffery Bryan: Piano stringer and technician, Jeffrey started working for us when he was nineteen years old. Jeffrey’s track record of expertise stems from his commitment not to only learn a skill, but to perfect the technique of it in order to enhance the final instrument product.

After he learned how to String a Piano for us, in 1997 the former Orange County Chapter President of the Piano Technicians Guild, Ms. Peg Browne, stopped by our shop and inspected one Jeff's restrung piano's, She said "This boy's restringing is the best I have ever seen."

John Brzozowski

Mr. John Brzozowski: John started working with us twenty five years ago. His background as an engineer helped greatly as he mastered the art of remanufacturing Pneumatic driven systems (player piano's and automatic musical instruments). John also mastered the workings of electronic players. He has been a valuable asset to our longevity in this business. In 1986, John was sent to The Mason Hamlin Piano factory to be trained by some of the greatest piano master builders to become Qualified Piano Scaling Technician (String Specialist).

Alfonzo Morales

Mr. Alfonzo Morales: Master Piano and Furniture Refinisher. Alfonzo started with our firm over fifteen years ago as a personal assistant to Mr. Marcelo Pena: Grand Maestro of Piano finishing in all of Southern California. Alfonzo's expertise ranges from satin to polished closed pore finishes, art case renovations, detail manufacturing of wood carving, as well as French polishing and Japanese finishing. Alfonzo also is a graduate of the Mohawk finishing products school.

David Martinez

Mr. David Martinez: David is the newest member to our team. He started as assistant to Alfonzo Morales two years ago and has demonstrated his consistent to develop expert skills in the field of refinishing.

Mr. Andrew Barrett: Andrew has been interested in automatic musical instruments for many years, and is a member of A.M.I.C.A. (Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Association) He is also and accomplished pianist who has performed at such events as The Ragfest in Fullerton, California. The West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento, California. Andrew is our newest addition to the Orange Coast Piano team. he brings with him a willingness to learn this trade and drive to get things done just a little bit better then perfect.


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