A.B. Chase


We have a current Inventory, Finally. If you own one and want to sell it, please contact us by email or if you are looking for one let us help with your quest. Below is some information on this Fabulous Piano maker.

Established in 1885. This is an honored name in the annals of music in America, being closely associated with the love and development of music in the American home. A.B. Chase pianos have always been known for splendid workmanship. The A.B. Chase baby grand in fair condition is worth rebuilding at a considerable cost.

The A. B. Chase piano factory was established in 1875 and produces the highest grade pianos both in upright's and grand's. The A. B. Chase pianos are also equipped with the Cello Reproducing Medium. The policy of this factory' has long been that no material is too good a piano no skilled labor too expensive if it will improve the A. B. Chase piano.

All pianos manufactured from 1875 to 1930 were completely hand made from the finest materials available during that era. An A.B. Chase piano took as long as two years to complete. All A.B. Chase pianos are worthy of rebuilding. Pianos from the time 1875 to 1930 are exceptional. Mr. Chase and his associates developed the tri-bridge scale and incorporated it into their design making this Piano one of greatest toned pianos of its time.

The company sold this design in 1900 to such manufacturers as: STEINWAY, BALDWIN, MASON/HAMLIN AND SOHMER this design greatly improved their pianos.

This is why A. B. Chase in our opinion (OCP) was one of the greatest manufacturer of them all. Quality first and production second. If you have and A. B. Chase be very proud of your ownership. You have one of finest pianos ever made.


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