Behr Bros & Co Pianos

Manufactured by a veteran organization which has been actively engaged in making pianos since the year 1851. Behr upright and grand pianos are distinguished far their beautiful tone, their handsome and distinctive designs, their exquisite craftsmanship and great durability. Behr player-pianos are famed for their exclusive and distinctive expression devices, which make possible the most artistic effects. Highest awards have been granted the well-known Behr Bros. instruments at leading worlds' fairs and centennial expositions, such as New Orleans, 1885; Melbourne. 1888, and Chicago. 1893.

Xavier Scharwenka. Moritz Moszkowski, S. B. Mills, Edottard Remenyi and a host of other world famous artists and composers. Etc., have unqualifiedly endorsed the instruments bearing the Behr Bros. & Co.

The Behr Reproducing Piano (licensed under Welte-Mignon patents) is a notable addition to. This artistic line, and is three complete and distinctive instruments in one A piano, a player-piano. A reproducing piano. The Behr Reproducing Piano actually reproduces or creates the world's greatest compositions, played by pianists of international fame. There are hundreds of artists' hand-played music rolls available for this remarkable instrument.


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